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  1. Our Mission

    Our mission is to onboard the next wave of bitcoiners, the right way and give them the support they need to feel confident in their bitcoin ownership.

  2. Your Sessions

    Your sessions with your Bitcoin Mentor will be relaxed and are structured to meet you wherever you are on your bitcoin journey. You could be looking for a primer on what bitcoin is all about and what makes it unique. Perhaps you are wondering what the differences are between owning a bitcoin ETF compared to owning actual bitcoin. Or maybe you are more advanced on your bitcoin journey and you would like to have someone guide you through the process of establishing a bitcoin wallet or vault and associated keys. You can be sure that we will explain bitcoin concepts in a way you will be able to understand and grasp without using jargon or confusing lingo.

  3. The Tenets of bitcoin

    We follow the basic tenets of bitcoin – “your keys, your bitcoin, not your keys, not your bitcoin” as well as “don’t trust, verify”. We will ensure you understand the importance of keeping all your information private and never sharing that information with anyone. We will outline best practices on key backups, signing device separation and wallet configuration file safekeeping.

  4. Self-sovereignty

    With an emphasis on guided self sovereignty, we will help you along the way of developing a safe, secure set-up for your legacy bitcoin wealth.

  5. Measuring Success

    Success at Bitcoin Mentor is measured by our ability to guide our proteges through their bitcoin journey whether that culminates in the establishment of a collaborative custody vault with inheritance planning or a simple single signature wallet or a self managed multi-signature vault – we simply aim to develop sovereign bitcoiners.

  6. Privacy

    Your sessions with Bitcoin Mentors will respect your desire for privacy.

What to expect from Bitcoin Mentor

Our Principles

There are core principles of Bitcoin Mentor that will be demonstrated in your interactions with us:

  • Patience
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Respect for Your Privacy
  • Dedication to Continuous Improvement & Training
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