Our Services

Our Services

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Bitcoin Mentor provides services tailored to the needs of our protégés. The bitcoin journey is unique to everyone; however, some common themes are core requirements. 

Our core service offering is a packaged solution that include a series of mentoring sessions along with collaborative custody solutions. But we also have smaller one-off sessions as well. There’s something here for everyone!

Individual Sessions:



Additional sessions can always be booked with your Bitcoin Mentor to continue to build your bitcoin knowledge and to build upon what has been set up. 

Our services are structured as one-on-one video sessions, typically an hour in length. Each session builds on the prior one, to create a continual learning path.

Topics Covered

Depending on your plan and tailored protégé learning structure, you may cover some or even all of these topics!

  • Configuring a Wallet

    • Proper Wallet & Keys Setup, ensuring it’s secure and tailored to the Protégé’s needs.
    • Mentoring on key management, seed phrase storage, backups.
  • Storage Solutions

    • Next level secure storage solutions beyond initial bitcoin purchases.
  • Advanced Bitcoin Solutions

    • Coin control
    • Transaction fee management.
  • Collaborative Custody & Long-Term Storage solutions

    • Active assistance on the most important elements of multi-signature bitcoin vaults, time-lock solutions, multi-party bitcoin custody.
  • Legacy & Inheritance Planning

    • How to protect the Protégé’s Bitcoin legacy for generations to come and ensure that the bitcoin is set up to seamlessly flow according to the Protégé’s wishes.
  • Additional Services

    • Node Setup - running your own Bitcoin node and becoming sovereign.
    • Bitcoin Mining - getting started with Bitcoin mining for home heating or other solutions to simultaneously acquire newly mined Bitcoin.
    • Privacy Practices - privacy solutions including advanced privacy techniques.
    • Unconventional Bitcoin acquisition
    • Spending and Surviving on Bitcoin
    • L2 network solutions – Lightning, Liquid, etc.
    • Mobile Wallets
    • Hardware Wallets
    • Key Management best practices
    • Other services as offered by Bitcoin Mentor

What to expect from Bitcoin Mentor

Our Principles

There are core principles of Bitcoin Mentor that will be demonstrated in your interactions with us:

  • Patience
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Respect for Your Privacy
  • Dedication to Continuous Improvement & Training
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