Get Some Before It’s Gone


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Covered up to this point has been the supply side of the bitcoin equation, but as is the case in any economic relationship it is the how demand meets supply that translates in the price in a dynamic market. Bitcoin though is a unique market in that while demand may vary wildly or grow considerably over time, the supply side is fixed. No matter how much demand for bitcoin there is at any given time, supply cannot be accelerated, due to the pre-programmed bitcoin issuance schedule.

As an analog, should the price of gold suddenly surge to over $5,000 per ounce, major global initiatives would take place to increase the available supply of gold. By bringing into production, previously uneconomical mining operations, such that new supply brought onto the market would have a dampening effect on the gold price. Maybe not back to previous levels, but price would be affected.

The same phenomenon cannot occur with bitcoin. No matter how demand grows, supply will not change. There has never been another commodity or product in history that has this characteristic. The impact of this could have astounding impacts on the potential price of bitcoin.

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